Concept Testing

Real-World Insights, from Idea through Launch

Testing and evaluating new concepts is a core discipline of product development and innovation. MarketTools helps you identify winning concepts as they move from initial ideation to actual production and distribution with thorough analysis and expert market research insight collected at each step along the way.

The marketing research experts at MarketTools have tested thousands of concepts at every stage from idea to launch, in industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals to Financial Services, Technology to Packaged Goods. 

We leverage comprehensive online survey panel resources, online market research software, and advanced technology tools, and industry expertise to work to meet your concept testing needs.  Our concept test methodologies enable you to:

Lit Light Bulb Illustrating Concept Testing

Test your concept at any stage.

MarketTools’ technologies and research methods provide you with the flexibility to do ad-hoc (one-time) testing or develop a full testing program along the journey from concept to rollout. Our concept testing process helps you test faster, iterate on results, and make decisions quickly and confidently.

Concept Testing Data Sets

Visually test product ideas for more accurate and useful data on choice sets.

Identify consumer tradeoffs quickly with interactive online engagement technologies. Test concepts in-context to understand the full range of the decision process.

Concept Testing Components

Uncover components that are simultaneously compelling and competitively unique.

Advanced modeling converts the data from monadic tests, sequential tests or in-context methodologies into actionable results.  Our interactive delivery of results provides a superior method to share insights.

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